Friday, June 3, 2011


When any day begins with a light breakfast followed by an hour and a half of hardcore gym-time, you can be sure that by the time 11:00 rolls around, what began as a gentle pang in the pit of your stomach has turned into an all out angry growl.  This means two things: whatever you're having for for lunch had better be a.) delicious, and b.) sitting in front of you before you start eating empty cereal boxes in an act of sheer desperation.

This is how the days usually go for the roomie and I anyway.  Which means lunch is always the highlight of the day for me.  It's creativity under a pressure cooker, it's inspired, it's done.

One such example:
Izzy's veggie pizza with roasted crookneck squash, grilled onions, Amber heirloom tomatoes and ricotta salata.

My pizza margharita (sans basil) plus ricotta salata.

The real kicker here is that both were made with a homemade pizza dough (and a 24-hour starter, low and slow baby, only way to go).  I really think I'm in danger of becoming a pizza purist here; what with tomato season already hitting some incredible high notes, and great, fresh local cheese from Farmer Joe's, doing anything more than a quick flash in a crazy hot oven just seems ludicrous to me.

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