Thursday, October 18, 2012

So when you start a blog at one point in your life, abandon it, and then return to it at a completely different point in your life, what are you supposed to do?  Are you supposed to begin again, blissfully (obliviously) writing alongside the passages that you were so proud of years ago, the ones that now make you cringe to re-read?  Are you supposed to bury the blog entirely?  Place flowers at its tombstone and say things like, "It was a good blog, a happy blog..."?

I suppose what you do is treat it like a yearbook of sorts.  Complete with the mistakes you hope to never repeat again, and the courage to press on when you do.  I suppose you write.  Because it's what sustains you.  Because it's what makes you stronger by allowing you to wallow, temporarily, in your moments of greatest weakness.  Because you know, there are too many voices in this story that will go unheard, unless you decide to amplify them.

Where to even begin...