Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cater 2 U

 What to do with a day-old donut (i.e. that "extra" donut that super nice lady at Golden Gate threw in the bag).

 What to have the next time you find yourself at Blue Bottle.

 How to hold your Chiapas PROISH.

 Where to stand for maximum irony.

How to eat peas.

Catering Dinner Parties (Pt. II)

-do anything you've never done before
-use fresh eggs for a soft boil
-cut/burn yourself the day of

-taste as you go
-prioritize seasonal/local/sustainable/organic (in that order)
-accept compliments

Carrot, jicama, asian pear salad topped with egg and avocado sphere, fried rice noodles, crispy salmon skin and citrus-soy reduction.

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