Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Spend Your Day Off

1.  Have an Irish breakfast for lunch

2.  Sample a 60¢ Rocky Road cookie from C.R.E.A.M.

 2.  Ultimately stick to the classics and go Chocolate Chip, even if it is only half-baked.  Correction: especially if it is only half-baked.
3.  Buy porkchops.
4.  Make Tonkatsu at home for roomie.
5.  Make chili at home for self.
5.  Serve Hawaiian-style in a 2:1:1 starch, veg, protein ratio.

6.  And next time?  Do NOT serve with Foster's.


  1. I had dinner, and these pictures are making me hungry again.
    Is there such thing as a dinner do-over?

  2. yes I think Taco Bell called it "fourth meal". lol.

  3. lol I will remember that next time post-dinner, watering-of-the-mouth occurs. Thank you Taco Bell, and Luisa Bailey.